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Everybody to the limit!

- Name: LIZZEH will do. ;3
- Nickname(s)(We don't want all 3589745 of your cute names): 3589745 CUTE NAMES. HAR.
- Age: 16!
- Gender: FEmale.
- Location(Don't put something stupid, leave it blank if you are scared of textual stalkers becoming real.): I live in Florida. Ph34r. Now.. if anyone wants to stalk me.. -pulls out shotgun-
- 5 Interests: Intrests? Uhm.. Fanart, Graphics, Icons, Layouts, Slinkies!
- Genre of Movies: I like any movies. ANY. But halarious ones are the best!
- What single word is in your head right now?: FHQWHGADS
- Do you make icons, or do you just like to look at pretty ones? Or.. do you steal them?!: I STEAL. Omfg. It's a siiin. Oh come on.. I make my own icons. 8D
- What about wallpapers?(Getting them offline doesn't count for stealing, because their meant for taking): I can make some. Layouts are much more of a challenge. BUT I CAN DO IT! squee.
- What programs do you use? Put an asterik(*)next to the one you adore!:
Adobe Photoshop 6 *
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8
Animation Shop 3
- Why did you join us?: You're SO not getting by with a graphic community without ME involved!! >:O
- A few (Max of 5) of your works(Wallpapers, cut please, don't know what a cut is, goto LJ FAQs):
I don't have any wallpapers right now.. BUT MY ICONS?

1x 2x 3x 4x 5x

[IF you take any: COMMENT saying you are & Credit iconsanity]

WHEE. <3
OKAY. Can I make suggestions for questions you can add to your intro thingy?! Omg. It'd be fun if I could? XD
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