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It's go time. [I hate Rich Text Mode.]

- Name: Judy.

 - Nickname(s)(We don't want all 3589745 of your cute names): JuJu, Ju, Acid, THRILLAH!!! Make up the other 3098472342 pls. =)

- Age: 16, 17 as of April 18th.

- Gender: Female, very much so!

- Location(Don't put something stupid, leave it blank if you are scared of textual stalkers becoming real.): NYC, the place to be. :D

- 5 Interests: Anime, Roleplay, Music, Drawing, singing. (Just a tidbit. =D )

- Genre of Movies: Comedies/horror, mostly. Some suspense.

 - What single word is in your head right now?: DORKINATOR.

- Do you make icons, or do you just like to look at pretty ones? Or.. do you steal them?!: I make dorky ones, and drool at pretty ones, and save the ones I like. I don't use 'em, tho', and if I do, their filenames are the LJ users that made them. =D

- What about wallpapers?(Getting them offline doesn't count for stealing, because their meant for taking): [See above.]

- What programs do you use? Put an asterik(*)next to the one you adore!: Adobe Photoshop* and ImageReady* 7.0. I want many, many more tho'. =)

- Why did you join us?: b/c I'm a gafomoh, and I try to make graphix. So why not? =D

- A few (Max of 5) of your works(Wallpapers, cut please, don't know what a cut is, goto LJ FAQs):




 4. I know it's dark. I don't feel like fixing it now.

5. See? It's boring. Sorry. I hope to improve! I do!

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