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Get to know ME! =D

- Name: Teracia
- Nickname(s)(We don't want all 3589745 of your cute names): Rae, RaeRae, Cia
- Age: 18
- Gender: Female
- Location(Don't put something stupid, leave it blank if you are scared of textual stalkers becoming real.): Avon, Ohio
- 5 Interests: Anime, Video Games, Web Design, Manga, Music, Drawing (I know...that's 6. =\)
- Genre of Movies: Comdey, Action, Fantasy
- What single word is in your head right now?: Sugar! T.T (needs some)
- Do you make icons, or do you just like to look at pretty ones? Or.. do you steal them?!: I make and like to look. =O
- What about wallpapers?(Getting them offline doesn't count for stealing, because their meant for taking): I make, look, use.
- What programs do you use? Put an asterik(*)next to the one you adore!: Paint Shop Pro 7* and Adobe PhotoShop 7.0*
- Why did you join us?: BECAUSE...I'M ONE OF THE MORDERATORS! And I love graphics. :>
- A few (Max of 5) of your works(Wallpapers, cut please, don't know what a cut is, goto LJ FAQs):

Instead of taking up space Imma just put a link to one of the wallpapers I've done
Wallpaper! (Rikku -- FFX-2 Style)

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