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gafomohgraphix's Journal

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Information: This community was just started, but we hope it blossoms into a creative, and friendly environment for a wide variety of people. We intend to have creative people who are interested in making icons, as well as wallpapers share their works with others like themselves. teracia and, myself (lyx) will be maintaining it for whoever would like to join and have fun.

Rules: Firstly, come to have fun, insults aren't very nice, or effective, but instructive criticism is alright. Next, if you would like to ask a member if they can make a works for you, that's fine, but link our community to your journal or site or whatever if you're going to do that, as well as credit them, DO NOT steal other peoples' works. We'll have a system for this kind of thing, plain and simple, if you get reported for stealing someone else's stuff, you'll get banned, no questions asked. You'll have to contact one of the maintainers, or head mods for reconsideration. (This is in the case if someone was just pissed at you and they complained, and knew they'd be believed, and that kind of drama.)I'm thinking about some kind of contest system as well, but that will be announced later.

The Deal: Here's the deal, for joining. Fill out the form below on your first post, so we can all know who the hell you are. Be honest about it, please. We're not judging you.

- Name:
- Nickname(s)(We don't want all 3589745 of your cute names):
- Age:
- Gender:
- Location(Don't put something stupid, leave it blank if you are scared of textual stalkers becoming real.):
- 5 Interests:
- Genre of Movies:
- What single word is in your head right now?:
- Do you make icons, or do you just like to look at pretty ones? Or.. do you steal them?!:
- What about wallpapers?(Getting them offline doesn't count for stealing, because their meant for taking):
- What programs do you use? Put an asterik(*)next to the one you adore!:
- Why did you join us?:
- A few (Max of 5) of your works(Wallpapers, cut please, don't know what a cut is, goto LJ FAQs):

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Teracia. Visit one of our info pages and get our info.

We hope to see you soon!