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First application...

-Name: Alyx
-Nickname(s):Lyx, Lyxie, Lyxxxstah, Bubbah-girl, ect
- Age: 17
- Gender:Female.
- Location: Kensington, Maryland. USA
- 5 Interests: Chris, Imaging, Reading, RPing, HTML
- Genre of Movies: Comedy, Action, VIOLENCE!!
- What single word is in your head right now?:Rice-o-Roni *Drewl*
- Do you make icons, or do you just like to look at pretty ones? Or.. do you steal them?!: The first two.
- What about wallpapers?:I prefer to make my own, I like looking at other peoples' aswell, though.
- What programs do you use? Put an asterik(*)next to the one you adore!:Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro 7, Animation Shop 3, Fireworks for wallpapers, the last two for icons
- Why did you join us?: Err, I made it. I got bored, and decided to see if I could get a community going, and I wanted Teracia to help me, 'cause she owns at imaging.
- A few of your works:

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